Collection of Curiosities

In HKCDM's first exhibit prototype, "Collection of Curiosities", children observe found curiosities and play the role of a museum curator to categorize, display, match, or tell a story with the objects. The activity helps children to build descriptive vocabulary and to interact with natural specimens to make closer observations.

So far, students from three different schools have participated in the activity. The children used their senses -see, touch, hear, and even smell! - to learn more about the specimens. The students enjoyed displaying the categories they made and their favorites were shells, bugs, and crystals. Other students worked together to exchange and barter for objects to build their collections. They also gave HKCDM feedback that helped to make the exhibit more interesting and fun.

We look forward to bringing the activity to more students and to learning with them in the upcoming months!

If you're an educator who would like to help prototype our exhibit, please contact us here.

Philina Fan