Amazing Bugs!

New special exhibit theme – Amazing Bugs!

On July 23 CDM launched a new special exhibit theme, Amazing Bugs! The museum-wide theme offers a new take on CDM's exhibits and brings a different look and experience to our returning visitors. Amazing Bugs! features IDs for over 30 different insects, highlighting the diversity of insects in Hong Kong, their amazing abilities, and their importance in maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

The bug theme was chosen because we want to encourage visitors to challenge their preconceived notions of creepy crawlers and recognize their vital role in nature. CDM has been developing Amazing Bugs! for six months and has learned a lot in the process! Several local environmental and bug enthusiasts were consulted for their expertise. CDM was fortunate to collaborate with a professional photographer from Wild Creatures Hong Kong, who graciously shared his beautiful images with us. CDM is also grateful to DIY Bio Hong Kong who helped to collect and care for the live bugs on display. Our newest friends, the millipedes, crickets, and bristletails, will be returned to the wild after their stay at CDM.

For the first time, CDM offers a fun, deeper learning experience with our new Bug Quest! Children become Bug Scouts and solve special challenges and earn stamps! Collect all six stamps to become a Bug Master! Bug Masters join the Bug Master Hall of Fame photo gallery on our website [link].

CDM continues to be wow'ed by the bugs that make their home right here in Hong Kong and looks forward to sharing them with our visitors!

Andre Ng