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Friends of CDM

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CDM hopes to welcome more families to enjoy the learning through playing experience, so we are launching "Friends of CDM" cards which offers a range of benefits!

The limited 100 "Friends of CDM" cards are $50 - quickly purchase one!


"Friends of CDM" Benefits

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1. FREE one-time entry for child during child's birthday month 
2. 5% discount for session booking, group booking, and gift cards
3. CDM Welcome Gift

How to Apply:

Online: Complete and submit the online application form by clicking the button below. And complete the transfer of payment or payment in person within 14 days.

  1. Transfer payment: Upon receiving payment, CDM will email your "Card No." within 3 business days, so you can use it to purchase tickets online.

  2. Pay in person: You can immediately enjoy the 5% discount for the session booking, please fill out session booking details within the application form. CDM will help to reserve spots for your indicated session time.

In person: Complete and submit the application form. Pay and receive your "Friends of CDM" card.

Click to apply for “Friends of CDM”!
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How to Enjoy the Discount

Online Ticketing Platform
1) On the ticket purchasing page, please input your "Friends of CDM" Card No.
2) On the day of your visit, show your QR code in your booking email and the physical "Friends of CDM" card.

Walk In's
Show your physical "Friends of CDM" card BEFORE purchasing to enjoy the 5% discount. 

One-Time Free Birthday Entry Application
1) Fill out the online "Arrangement Form for Child's Free Birthday Entry" below at least 5 business days before you wish to visit CDM.
2) You will receive a confirmation email within 3-5 business days. 
3) To gain entry on the day of your visit , show your confirmation email, identification document, and your physical "Friends of CDM" card. 

For details, please see "Terms and Conditions".

Click to fill out the Arrangement Form
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Terms and Conditions

  1. "Friends of CDM" ("Card") is valid for 12 months immediately starting from when payment is received. 

  2. This Card is non-transferrable. If abuse or misuse is found, Children's Museum Ltd. (CML) reserves the right to terminate or suspend the benefits.

  3. The 5% discount can only be used for general session bookings, group bookings, and gift cards. Combining with other discounts is not permitted. 

  4. Validation for free birthday entry is determined by the child's name and birthday month indicated in the computer system. After payment of the Card, any changes to child's name and birthday is not permitted. 

  5. CML is not responsible for any case of undelivered email messages. CML is also not responsible for any delays or loss due to technological or system problems. 

  6. "Friends of CDM" cannot be refunded under any circumstances. "Friends of CDM" cannot be exchanged for cash, any other tickets, packages, services, and/or merchandise. Damaged or altered "Friends of CDM" card will be invalid. Unused "Friends of CDM" card will be deemed as forfeited after the expiry date. 

  7. CML has the absolute discretion to refuse and/or revoke the registration of any applicant and to terminate and/or cancel the registration of such applicant for any reason whatsoever. 

  8. These Terms and Conditions are subject to the interpretation of CML, which shall be final and conclusive. 

  9. CML reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without prior notice. 

  10. In case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions, the English version shall apply and prevail. 

  11. Arrival Arrangements
    11.1 The physical Card must be presented upon entry. Otherwise, full payment will be required. No photocopy or photo of the Card will be accepted.
    11.2 During the same session, cardholder and guests of cardholders must enter at the same time or guests should arrive later than the cardholder.
    11.3 Cardholder should be responsible for the maintenance and use of their cards. CML is not responsible for any loss incurred from stolen or loss of the Card. Loss of the Card can be replaced for a non-refundable handling fee of $30.

  12. Free Birthday Arrangement 
    12.1 One-time free entry for child's birthday is limited only to child's birthday month.
    12.2 Presentation of an identification document or school documentation must be presented upon entry. Otherwise, full payment for the child will be required. 
    12.3 Bookings are only possible for session times shown on the ticketing website.
    12.4 Free entry must be during child's birthday month.
    12.5 Free entry subject to availability.
    12.6 Subject to availability, additional children, adults, and seniors must pay according to the prices listed on the website.
    12.7 No re-booking of any kind under any circumstances, except for inclement weather.
    12.8 No show will be counted as visited.


If there are any questions related to "Friends of CDM", for example, error during a transaction or lost of the Card, please immediately notify CDM via email at: or call (852) 3198 0160.
Calling hours: 10am - 4pm (Mondays - Fridays, except public holidays)


Click to apply for “Friends of CDM”!
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