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Group Visit

1. Public Group Visits (20 people or more)

CDM can help groups with more than 20 people to reserve tickets before they are available to the public. However, there are no discounts for this type of booking. Apply at least 4 weeks before your desired visit day:
* Please click to read the Terms & Conditions for group booking

2. School Field Trips

Recognized kindergartens and primary schools, with students who are between the ages of 4 to 10 (K2 to Grade 4/Year5), can apply to attend a two (2) hour field trip. The minimum group size is 15 students. For group sizes with 90 students or less, CDM will also be opened to the public.

Click here for more details. Or contact booking@childrensdiscovery to book, please write your school's full name as the subject of the email.

3. NGO visits

Hong Kong recognized tax-exempt section 88 charitable institutions can apply to attend a discounted two (2) hour package: a choice of either the "NGO Package" or "Family Experience Package". The minimum group size is 15 children. Contact to book. Please write your organization's full name as the subject of the email.

4. Parties

Please click here for more information about CDM's Party Workshop Packages.