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Party Package

Gather with your family and friends for an extraordinary special party at CDM! Enjoy an exclusive experience that is both fun and educational!


Total : 2 hours and 50 minutes

Exclusive early arrival 20 minutes before the public :
- Experience all of CDM's exhibits with just your family and friends
- Private session at Sand Topography and Painting Wall
- Private facilitated workshop (according to the current theme at the Tinkering Lab)
- Group photo taking at various exhibits
- Each child will receive CDM's Mini Color Pencils with sharpener as a gift

Continue the fun with the public for 2 hours and 30 minutes:
- Enjoy the learning through playing experience along with other public visitors
* If the number of participants reaches the maximum capacity of CDM, the session will not open to the public.


Days: Every Tuesday to Sunday

Time: 12:10-15:00 OR 15:40-18:30

* Subject to change depending on availability and session time

Package Price Per Person

181207 - Price - Party P.png

* Minimum party size: 15 children + 10 adults. Minimum charges will apply to party sizes below the combination of 15 children and 10 adults.


1. No Eating Policy
Please understand that CDM has a strict no eating policy to ensure that all our exhibits stay clean and pest-free. Please reach out to neighborhood restaurants to enquire about party deals to eat before or after experiencing CDM.

2. Party Decorations
Maximum of four (4) adults can arrive 10 minutes before the party start time to set up.
- Balloons are most convenient to set up and to store. Kindly bring enough Blu Tac to stick up items that need to be hung - no tape of any kind can be used.
- Upon request, CDM can provide a Happy Birthday banner.

3. Staging cake for photo-taking
Upon request, we are happy to help stage cake cutting and to store the cake in the staff room. *Please note that the cake will be stored at room temperature. If your cake requires refrigeration, please bring your own ice bags. The museum is not responsible for any damage to the cake during transportation and storage, such as melting, other food contamination, or any other damages.

Slices of cake (we recommend cupcakes) in either a Ziploc bag or container can be handed out to guests as they leave CDM.

4. Terms & Condition
Please carefully read the "Terms & Conditions" for Party Package and "Visitor Expectations and Disclaimer". By submitting your application it means you accept and agree to both documents.

Booking Application

* Application have to be confirmed 6 weeks before the event date.

Please fill in the form below to apply for the Party Package:

Questions? Requests?
Send an email to: or call 3198 0160.
Office hours: 10am - 4pm (Mon - Fri, except public holidays)