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Party Workshop Package

General admission tickets are required for all individuals. Tickets will be purchased as a group booking. Ticketing prices can be found here.

Party packages are available for groups with a minimum of 20 individuals and maximum of 40 individuals.

45 minutes Party Workshop Package includes:

* workshop

* group photo taking

* pencil crayons (per individual)

* 5% discount return coupon (per individual)

* celebration banner

* welcome sign at CDM's main entrance and facilitated group entry

* short digital photo slideshow of the experience

* CDM invitation card (optional add-on for an additional cost)

* cake cutting (host to supply own cake or CDM will supply a pretend cake)

* birthday card (if applicable)

20 individuals (flat fee): $1,800 total

21 - 40 individuals (flat fee): $60 per individuals

General Information

Workshop Descriptions:

a) Parachute Transportation (0 - 3 years old)
Children and adults take a "trip" on various pretend transportation systems via a colorful parachute.
Learning outcomes: gross motor skills, following instructions, imagination

b) Magical Fireworks (4 - 10 years old)
Create your own take home coffee filter fireworks. Explore what happens when marker ink and rubbing alcohol interact!
Learning outcomes: observation, experimentation, creativity

Prices remain the same irregardless of when Party Package is enjoyed.
Party Package can be enjoyed before, during, or after the 2.5 hour CDM experience.

Make a Booking
Please send an email with the following information below to

1) Workshop: Parachute Transportation (0 - 3 years old) OR Magical Fireworks (4 - 10 years old )
2) Desired Workshop Date:
3) Desired Time:
4) Contact Person:
5) Contact Number:
6) No. of individuals:

If applicable, please answer below:
Name of Birthday Child:
How old is him/her turning?

Terms and Conditions

1) Caregivers must be 18 years old or above.
* Caregiver supervision is required for all those who are 17 years and under.
* Children 4 years old and under must be accompanied by a caregiver at all times.
* A caregiver can supervise a maximum of two children whose age is both 5 years old and/or above.
* One child can be accompanied by a max. of three caregivers
* If the carer needs to leave CDM at any time during the designated period, the child/children that the carer is supervising must also leave CDM.
* For safety and security reasons, a single adult (18 years old or above) /senior cannot come without a child.

2) Subject to meeting CDM's adult to child ratio requirements, booking a package requires:
* Minimum 20 individuals** (a minimum charge of 20 individuals will be charged, if minimum cannot be met)
* Maximum 40 individuals**

** Individuals are defined as people irregardless of ticket types.

3)CDM will prepare workshop activity materials based on the number of individuals indicated on the invoice. On the day of the workshop if additional individuals wish to join, CDM may not be able to provide additional workshop materials.

4)After confirming the workshop day, the applicant must pay the full fee on or before the payment due date indicated on the invoice to reserve the selected time slot. If payment is not received, the time slot will be re-opened to the public or given to the applicant on the waiting list.

5) After payment, if applicant wishes to change the date or time, you must contact CDM by email at least two weeks before your workshop day. Subject to availability, CDM will accommodate the session change. If you wish to make a date or time change within two weeks of your workshop day, no changes to date and/or time will be accepted. No refund will be given under circumstances other than inclement weather and illness of birthday child. For more details, please see point 8 below.

6) Changes to ticket type cannot be accommodated after payment. Besides the reasons listed in point 8, no refund will be granted under any circumstances. Unused confirmed quota will be considered as forfeited and cannot be changed to a future time slot, refunded, or exchanged for any other services.

7) Adding Additional Visitors after payment:
CDM can accommodate additional visitors only if maximum capacity has not been reached. Please inform us as soon as possible if you wish to additional visitors.

One week before the booking date:
A new invoice will be issued and full payment for these additional person must be received within three (3) business days.

On the workshop date or less than one week before the workshop date:
CDM will accommodate additional person only if maximum capacity has not been reached. If CDM can accommodate, the additional fee will be paid in cash on the day of the workshop according to pricing table.

8) Full refunds are applicable only under these two conditions:
a) If CDM is closed due to inclement weather. Detailed information about inclement weather and arrangements can be found here.

b) Illness of birthday child: If the birthday child is ill, the applicant can choose to receive a full refund or reschedule. If re-scheduling is to be made, the applicant must submit a valid medical certificate issued by a licensed medical practitioner within 24 hours before or after the booked workshop day. The medical certificate must clearly show the birthday child's name. The applicant must contact CDM within 24 hours prior to the booked workshop to cancel or reschedule the date. If applicant reschedules, the applicant must submit the request within 48 hours. No changes can be made after the booked workshop time.

All requests for cancellation or rescheduling must be submitted to CDM via email (

9) CDM will not compensate for any lost time due to late arrivals.

10) Admission to CDM is limited to the designated period of time indicated on the ticket. Re-entry for the same person is permitted within the designated period. No exchange to a different person, adult or child, is permitted. If an individual parent/carer needs to leave CDM at any time during the designated period, the child that the parent/carer is supervising must also leave CDM.

11) Upon request, CDM can help stage cake cutting and store the cake. The museum is not responsible for any damage(s) to the cake during transportation and storage, such as melting, other food contamination, or other possible damages. Please note besides drinking water, there is no eating or drinking allowed inside CDM.

12) By paying this invoice it means you agree to abide by the "Visiting Guide", as well as the "Terms and Conditions" and "Disclaimer". It is also your responsibility to inform and ensure all the people in your group know about the "Visiting Guide" and agree to both "Terms and Conditions" and "Disclaimer".

13) In case of any discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

14) The Children’s Museum Ltd. reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time. Any disputes connected in any way to the booking will be resolved by Children’s Museum Ltd. in its absolute discretion.