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Amazing Bugs! instills a sense of wonder and appreciation for the diversity of bugs and their vital role in nature. Bugs have evolved amazing abilities that make them experts in acquiring food, hunting prey, defending themselves, and attracting mates. Come play at your favorite CDM exhibits while learning about some of the incredible bugs that make their home right here in Hong Kong!

Amazing Bugs! is FREE with CDM admission. The museum-wide Amazing Bugs! special exhibit theme features IDs for over 30 bug species, interviews with local bug experts, and new activities in each of CDM's four exhibit areas. Some highlights include:


Story Stage!

  • Put on costumes to move like a bug!

  • Transport yourself to bug habitats at our green screen

  • Create stories about bugs using storyboards, puppets, and magnetic words

Our Natural World, Our Consumer World

  • Help "pollinate" flowers around the Banyan Tree Climber

  • Search for hidden bugs in our lenticular mural

  • Be an entomologist by observing bug specimens


Tinkering Lab

  • Design a new bug species with unique survival skills

  • Communicate like a firefly and view bug X-rays in our Light It! lab

  • Join a facilitated demonstration with live bugs at our videomicroscope**

** Live bugs are completely harmless and behind protective enclosures. If you are uncomfortable with viewing live bugs, they can be easily avoided while taking advantage of all other activities available to the public.

Transit Tots

  • Bug-themed storybooks and toys


Amazing Bugs! Map

Amazing Bugs! exhibits are open to all visitors.

Bug Quest Challenges offer an additional level of fun and education for those who purchased the Bug Quest. Click here for more details about the Bug Quest!


CDM is grateful to our collaborators for their help in making Amazing Bugs! Possible:

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Bug Quest

Want to dig deeper?
Become a Bug Scout and play our Bug Quest!

School Field Trip

Amazing Bugs makes connections to primary school school curricula in the subjects of natural sciences, S.T.E.A.M., and literacy.

Bug Master Hall of Fame

Congratulations to all our Bug Masters for completing the Bug Quest!