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Bug Quest

Want to dig deeper? Become a Bug Scout and play our Bug Quest!
Follow a map to complete special challenges throughout the museum and earn stamps.
Collect all six to become a Bug Master and join our Hall of Fame!


Bug Quest packages include:
1. Take-home Quest activity map
2. 10% discount coupon for a return visit
3. Mini Color Pencils with sharpener

Target: Bug Quests are catered to children five to ten years old.
Bug Quest Pricing: $25 per package

* Bug Quests are available in Chinese and English
* Bug Quests may take the entire 2.5 hour session to complete
* One section of the Chinese version requires reading and writing in English
* No refunds or exchanges permitted after Bug Quest purchase
* More than one child can work together to complete the Bug Quest, but only one set of color pencils and coupon will be given per purchase

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Bug Master Hall of Fame

Congratulations to all our Bug Masters for completing the Bug Quest!