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CDM is a tax-exempt section 88 charitable institution (Tax-exempt Charity File No.: 91/15452).
Revenue generated from admission tickets are used to cover basic operation costs.

Your donation will go towards supporting:
- Exhibit maintenance
- Drop-in museum programs
- Visits to CDM for low-income families

All donations above $100 is tax-deductible. You can donate online by clicking 'Donate' button below. We also accept cheques payable to "Children's Museum Ltd" , please mail the cheque to following address: HKCDM, 32/F, China United Centre, 28 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

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Our Donors

CDM would not be possible without the generous donation of the Laoniu Foundation.


CDM would also like to thank individual anonymous donors for their generosity.

CDM is recognized as a tax-exempt charitable institution in Hong Kong, under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Our Supporters

Special Thanks To Our Advisors and Those Who Have Supported CDM Along the Way

CDM is grateful to all the families and educators who contributed their time and feedback during the research and planning phase. Thank you to those who gave permission to use their photos on this website.